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Anson Kemper

Massage Therapist


With over a decade of dedicated practice, I’m a seasoned bodyworker known for my expertise in Structural Integration and Multidimensional Bodywork. My journey in the field has been marked by a profound commitment to fostering holistic well-being. Grounded in a keen sense of empathy and intuition, I go beyond conventional massage techniques, delving into the intricacies of the body’s structural alignment. My approach to massage therapy transcends the purely physical, creating a space where clients experience not only relaxation but a multidimensional healing experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. My form of massage taps into the muscular and nervous systems allowing a major reset to occur in the body. I move the client in a way that explores full range of motion, with movement and stretching at its core.


Anson Kemper

Multi-Dimensional Massage