Caitlyn Steffen

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Caitlyn Steffen

Kitchen Manager

Hey guys!

As the Kitchen Manager at Tiny Timbers, I’m here to ensure we continue to put out delicious food and good looking plates that the locals and tourists alike have come to expect. Previously the Sous Chef at The Rio Grande Club, I bring a unique perspective to the work we do by pushing the team to provide both quality and consistency from the food coming out of the kitchen.

I am a Johnson & Wales University graduate with 4 degrees in various avenues of the culinary field, (B.S Culinary Nutrition, B.S Food Service Management, A.S Baking & Pastry arts, A.S Culinary Arts). I’ve worked in the culinary field for 13 years, within that time I’ve gained knowledge in new techniques and creative ideas that are continue to elevate the culinary field.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my dog Dobby, snowboarding, golf, and enjoying the beauty that only the mountains of the San Luis Valley can provide. Thank you for allowing me to provide quality food everyday here at Tiny Timbers and to the people of South Fork, Colorado.


Caitlyn Steffen