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Tiny Timbers Resort was developed to share the owners’ love of South Fork, and to provide guests with the opportunity to make cherished family memories in one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado.

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Tiny Timbers Resort

Brett and Cheryl have been coming to the South Fork area for many years to camp and ATV ride. In fact they had their honeymoon camping off Park Creek Road in the Rio Grande National Forest. One fateful 4th of July, on the trip home they made the decision to invest in and develop a lodging resort in South Fork. They had travelled extensively, renting many Airbnb’s and felt they understood what people look for and expect when vacationing.

Continuing the Tradition.

With God’s hand directing every step and detail, they secured the beautiful property that is now Tiny Timbers Resort.  The land was overgrown and rough, but with the natural spring running through the center of the property and the incredible access to the forest adjacent to their land, they could see its potential. The first year was spent clearing the brush and just walking the property.  They knew they would remodel the 1933 log cabin, known to the locals as the “Honeymoon Cabin.” But their first thought was to rent out the large A-Frame cabin on property for larger parties.  It was Brett’s idea to instead turn that building into a coffee shop for lodgers and the general public.  The idea was a simple coffee shop serving pastries and specialty coffee.  But the town demanded we feed them breakfast! Spending over 25 years as managers of a manufacturing company, they knew well that you give your customers what they want.  The building was remodeled extensively to install a commercial kitchen, and a lovely and inviting dining area. The coffee bistro was open for business December 14, 2018.

The tiny home idea came from a business back home in La Junta – Sprout Tiny Homes.  The Sprout building was located next to their work in La Junta and one day all the cute tiny homes were outside.  Cheryl called Brett and said – change of plans. No RVs, let’s do a tiny home resort.  As it turns out, the tiny home idea was unique to the area and during the construction phase, so many travelers stopped to peek in the windows and take selfies!

The resort continues to grow as we add more lodging and recreation. Every decision is made prayerfully and with our mission in mind. The mission statement for Tiny Timbers Resort is proudly displayed in the coffee bistro – “Be the Light,” Matthew 5:14-16.  We strive to let the light of Jesus shine as we serve the public. Some people tell us Tiny Timbers is their refuge and how they feel such peace just walking in. Comments like this make us smile and tell us all the hard work has been worth it! We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Tiny Timbers Resort and Coffee Bistro.

May, 2021