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Melanie Phoenix



I’m a nationally board certified, licensed massage therapist and certified cupping therapist. I’ve been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1999 when I was in massage school at The CORE institute in Tallahassee, Florida. I’ve been licensed in the state of Florida and nationally board certified since January 2001.  I operated my own massage business in North Florida until I relocated to Colorado in July of 2017, where I was then officially licensed in the state of Colorado in September 2017. I have experience in advanced cupping therapy, deep tissue, reflexology, gua sha (scraping), Reiki (level 2), swedish/relaxation, hot stones, supplemental sound healing with tuning forks, aromatherapy, and pregnancy/mother massage. I also have worked and volunteered with Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee, Florida. In October 2019, I finished an intensive cupping certification process, including offering facial rejuvenation cupping, after which I was certified by and became a member of the International Cupping Therapy Association. My passions include deep inner work, movement practices, meditation, writing, art, being outdoors, hiking, and being a mom to my beautiful young son who attends Crestone Charter School.

Other credentials: BS in Sociology (2010); yoga teacher training at RootEd in Colorado Springs (June 2018); Holotropic Breathwork® Certified Facilitator (August 2019)

I currently operate my massage business at my office in The Professional Center in Crestone, Colorado. I also have an office space in Creede at The Blue Yak Boutique. On a regular basis I am now working in South Fork at The Spa at Tiny Timbers.


Melanie Phoenix